Health Insurance Brokers Are Opening Their Own Small Business

Ditch Your Job To Own A Compass Insurance Branch

Client-focused small business opportunity with high revenue potential.
Not a franchise, no expensive franchise fees. Reliable revenue streams.

Why Open a Compass Branch?

Make More Money. Focus on Your Clients.

These days, due mainly to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), there’s not a lot of high revenue potential for health insurance brokers who aren’t part of large corporations. On top of this, health insurance enrollment is seasonal. There aren’t a lot of year-round opportunities.

What’s great about being a health insurance broker is that you work for your clients, not for an insurance company. What’s great about starting a Compass branch is that you work for your clients to provide auto, property, and business insurance that best fits their needs. The revenue opportunities are year-round. You get to build a small business you own, with the flexibility also to build a work/life balance that’s great for you and your family.

Compass Helps Health Insurance Brokers Build Their Business

A Compass branch is not a franchise. But you get support from Compass to develop your small business without all the pain points and restrictions of a franchise. This is a great way to gain additional revenue for a business you’ve already built.

As a health insurance broker, you offer clients your expertise to guide them through the insurance buying process. The skills set of a Compass branch owner is much the same: to help your clients get the auto and property insurance that best fits their needs and their budget. Learn more about how Compass helps you build a successful branch business.

No experience required

No Experience Required

No up-front cost

No Costly Franchise Fees

Easy to scale your business

Easy To Scale Your Business

Higher commission

Higher Commissions

Marketing and sales support

Marketing & Sales Support

Home office services policies

Home Office Services Policies

As a Compass Insurance branch owner, you continue to be your own boss and help people better protect themselves and their families.

Provide the best product for your clients with multi-carrier options and insurance quotes. Compass has over 20 insurance carriers to choose from in 20+ states for home and auto (see the blue states on the map below). Focus on your clients while Compass helps you grow your business day in and day out.

Continuing Growth Market

Insurance branch opportunities are the blue states on map: Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Property and Casualty Insurance… A Growth Market.

Because of the carrier relationships secured by Compass Insurance, you already have a solid business foundation to offer clients. With multiple home and auto carriers to provide options to your clients, your Compass branch becomes that much more marketable.

When you are ready to add employees, Compass provides a proven model to recruit, interview, and on-board candidates. We help minimize the time-consuming process of finding and installing qualified sales candidates.


And once you’ve found qualified salespeople, we help you train them to be top performers. Use the same training to make yourself an even better performer!

The Compass Insurance online resource portal provides live and learner-led training for new and existing producers. Topics include sales tactics, underwriting, carrier website navigation, and product knowledge. The portal also incorporates ongoing training for seasoned professionals to sharpen their skills.

Focused on Your Success

Compass Insurance Agency branch owners see more success than typical small business owners or franchise operators with less capital investment.

A-Z support

A-Z Support

We provide support for everything from marketing to agent recruiting. You’ll never be alone when you become a Compass Agency.

Easy to scale your business

Scale Your Business

With our systems, your ability to grow is endless. We want to help you succeed.

Low start-up cost

Low Startup Costs

Low startup costs mean more money stays in your pocket. You won’t need to mortgage your life away to get started and you’ll earn profits much faster than with a franchise opportunity.

Be proud of what you sell

Be Proud of What You Sell

Don’t sell the policies you’re forced to peddle. Sell policies that fit customers’ needs and budgets. You’ll never feel like a used car salesperson with Compass.

Equity in your business

Equity In Your Business

Invest in your future and earn equity in a business you build.

Room to grow

Unlimited Potential

Remove the ceiling and give yourself unlimited room to grow and unlimited potential to earn.

Repeat revenue

Repeat Revenue

Earn repeat revenue from policy renewals and watch your profits skyrocket.

Calendar with dollar bills

Be the Captain of Your Own Ship. Navigate Your Own Success!

Build success that isn’t tied to seasonal uncertainties. Whatever the calendar date, people need auto and property insurance and the peace of mind that their families and properties are protected.

Here’s an extra bonus: Selling insurance is a great way to generate leads for your healthcare insurance business! Because people who buy home and auto insurance also need health insurance and as an independent broker you can sell all of it.

No Prior Auto or Property Insurance Required

Selling home and auto insurance is nothing like figuring out the ins and outs of various healthcare plans; it’s actually so much easier!

Compass provides a business opportunity without a steep learning curve. You get everything you need to start a Compass branch. You just need to get started.

Get repeat customers, not just one-time deals like you do as a health insurance broker! From home insurance to auto insurance, there are a range of opportunities to sell a range of products and grow your business how you want.


A Carrier for Every Need and Situation

AAA Independent Insurance Agent logo
Nationwide Insurance
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Travelers Insurance
Citizens Insurance
Michigan Insurance

And More!

What Our Insurance Branch Owners Are Saying

Insurance is a Multibillion-Dollar Industry

Insurance is a multi-billion dollar industry in the US. When you become a part of the Compass Insurance family , you are opening the door into this industry and can tap into the river of wealth it provides.

In the US, 79% of adults purchase auto insurance. It is a service the majority of the population needs. The stability that the insurance industry has allows you to plan for the long term and watch your business grow steadily.

Not only is insurance something everyone needs, but it’s also recession-proof. Since it’s a necessity, the stock market doesn’t impact the insurance industry in a negative way. Weather, unemployment, housing prices, and shipping rates have no effect. You can sleep well at night knowing there will always be customers.

In 2019, net premiums for the insurance industry totaled $1.32 trillion in the US. There is a huge amount of money spent on insurance annually. Being a part of a franchise-style business gets you in the front door. You get a leg up with expert advice and a tried and tested business formula to help you start making money from day one.

Compass Has Your Back

When you become a part of the Compass family, you’re not left on your own. From day one, we help provide you with everything you need to succeed.


State-of-the-art technology allows your team to feel confident on the phone. Our tech makes closing leads and keeping organized simple. You save time, and your team is never frustrated trying to figure out how systems work because everything functions how you expect it to.


You can count on the support of our expert marketing team. We have expert knowledge and insights into markets all over the US and pass this on to you. Our advice helps you steer and lead successful marketing campaigns with material ranging from brochures to emails.


We provide you and your team with ongoing education and support. You and your staff will hit the ground running with a complete understanding of the products you are selling and the ability to answer any of your customers’ questions. We teach you productivity and sales tips that will keep your team running smoothly.

Compass Insurance BranchBranchRETAIL AGENT
Insurance Experience RequiredMM
Startup FeeDependent on size of operation, with NO feesTypically $50,000 in fees
Work RemotelyNSometimes
Ability to Grow Your Own BusinessNM
Test New Markets Risk-FreeNM
Choose the Best Carrier for the ClientNM
Contract Term5 Years?
Holistic Business SupportNM
Done-For-You MarketingNM
Sales QuotasMN

Low Startup Costs

Startup costs can be prohibitive with some franchises. Not with a Compass Insurance branch office. Begin your dream with as little capital as possible*, not hundreds of thousands like some franchises require. Whether you’re tired of playing by another agency’s rules or dream of owning your own business, our low risks, low costs, and high returns make it a no-brainer.

When Does Your Journey Begin?

*Start-up costs and fees may vary depending on location and size of operation. Please review with a Compass branch advocate.